Elegy Zero

( Had a bloody knife in my hand
Saw my heart stare back
As the stabber from the mirror.
Deceived by luck-kissed fate,
Happiness wears a mask that stabs us all. )

Touch not,
Look into,
Dream a lot,
Hopes cold,
Reach out,
Forbidden, yet
Ever wanted,
It is only

With dimming stars above, I can only
Count how many suns will shine on me,
Count how many times the rain will pour on me;

The sin of my sleepless nights, tell me,
Are these the dreams that will bring you to me?
Are these the nights where I will forget?

The violence in all my silent sighs,
The caress of all my unspoken desires.
Will I ever be reborn in your arms,
In your words, in your heart, in your eyes?

All the tears of my silent screams,
They flood up to my unhinged mind,
Drowned my soul with our forbidden dreams.

Will a single moment ever freeze time,
Within the embrace of our longing,
The dreams of my restless nights, tell me,
Will a single kiss ever set us free?

Through you, for me,
Endlessly, it is nothing but
Fire at the end with me.

And my heart can only count
How many suns rose on me,
How many rains cried with me.


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