Helpless – Powerless

Ambitions to conquer the world, to secure the future may not help. Desire to be happy, the need to work to live, to live to work may not fulfill.

What is an ambition, a future, without the ability to help the present? The need to help the one who is most loved, most wanted, most cherished, most dreamed of?

A good word here, a beautiful look there, a bunch of words here, a call of peace from the chilly spring moon to take away the anxiety, to brush away the fear. I have my peace, do I give it? Do I take away the fear? Can I, may I?

Will you allow me?

Sentences without verbs, not one but two languages unknown, not one but two languages shared… One we know, one we find day by day, moment by moment, kiss by kiss, eye to eye, I to you. 

Your depth, so unfathomable, an ocean, elegant, graceful, warm, calling me back to the water, beckoning me to touch the deepest parts.

Will you allow me?

Sentences without verbs, radiating peace, radiating beauty, radiating elegance. Let me drink into the waters of your life, let me add mine into your ocean, let me drown in your embrace, in your peace, but let me, allow me…

I will take away the thunder, the fear, the wind, the shrill cry of anxiety.

I am not powerless, you are not helpless, let me, allow me, to reflect the peace, allow me to drown you in me, to make you forget the wind; let me shelter you in my safest place, in my arms, next to my heart, above my soul.

I will anchor you against the wind, let me, allow me take away the mundane worry, the deep anxiety.

I will stare back at the darkness. I will bare my fist at it while you are safe, but just let me, allow me. Let me, allow me, to fight the streams that pollute our ocean, clouds that roll over our peace. Let me, allow me. I am not powerless, you are not helpless, we are stronger with each other, within our hearts, our souls, but just let me, allow me. Find peace, love, warmth, longing, tranquility, desire, strength, a future, our future, in me, with me, through us. 

Just let me, allow me, fully.

There is my future to conquer, my ambition to secure. You, only you, the heart knows it was only you, it could only be you. You let me, you allowed me, I dared dream of you and me; now let me, allow me, take away the worry.

The shelter in my sentences without verbs. Speak our new language, discover it with me, piece by piece, look by look, moment by moment. There is your peace I lay freely at your feet, there is my strength I place .

Fill me with your ocean; I will fight the streams, they are nothing against me, when I know you are to be with me.

Just let me, allow me.