The gravestone of our will
Cold, bleak, desolate,
Constantly permanent
Stands in stone

Against the wind.

Etched on it,
Timeless was and shall be
The crown jewel
Of our Mighty Hill
Beyond and through
There is no Right Path

But just the Only Path

Paved with the stones of
Today’s failures,
Littered with the corpses of
Yesterday’s dreams
The remnants of yesterwill,
Constant and permanent


Against the wind.


Secret in the Stars


Stand next to one another
Deep in the night sky
Twinkling through the everblack
Look, deep, watch, bright.
Never to touch truly
Never to be far kindly
Never to forget
What you cannot have
Ever to admire
What you cannot have
Never fear
What you may at once have

Deep in the night sky
Look, longing, watch, bright
What you cannot have
Only ever to admire
What you cannot have.

Till she looks back
Across the night sky
Never to forget
And realize
What we could have,
Ever to admire.

All we were to have
All we are to have
All we were meant to have.

Till she looks back
Across the night sky
And realize
What we could ever have
Standing next to one another.


Thunder stroke across the horizon
Within an arm’s reach
Within two hearts beating across
Thunder strikes across the soul

As I’ll always remember you
As you danced giddy by the sea
Engulfed by the setting sun
Shining ever bright
My beautiful, smiling fairy
By the blue sea

How I long for thee…


We cage the beasts within
Mine and yours
We cage them within
But they breed
Their get stronger
Than the bars our minds
Put across our hearts
What our souls and selflessness
Can build


Against what’s within
Now that we’ve held hands
Held our hearts, minds, and soul
Have shared all within
Mine and yours.


When the quietest scream
Erupts in the loudest one
There will be no one left
To understand what was
Once a dream.


Walk slowly, slowly,
Into a thin darkness.
Through it, with me,
Get lost
Into a thicker darkness.

Lose yourself,
With me,
To a secret,
To find the echoes of laughter
Believing that we are ever
In our secret away.

The echo of our words
Safe in our love
Because we laugh – because we love

In a thick darkness, in our secret

Golden Boy

The Buddha spoke to me in my dream,

He advised of stony patience,
Kin to a stream that runs for millennia
Through monolithic mountains.

He spoke of personal fury,
Rage to destroy one’s enemy
How deserving they may be,
Forgiveness the eternal remedy,
As virtue it may be
To vindicate an enemy.

He told me of a kinder soul,
The divine spark in all of men,
A heart of good will for all of men;
A goal holy, a road thorny,
A path fraud with sacrifices many.

I asked him, when shall I
Dream of you again?

A golden smile upon his lips replied,
It is I who dream of you,
Among the clouds, under the sun,
Above the earth, under the moon.

Pages of Madness

I become the pages
On a Book of Madness.

Every uttered word
On a Scene of Loneliness;

Its discord,
Its permanence,
Its quiet darkness

Echo on every breath,
A scene of infinite Madness.

I become the pages
On a scene of RAGE;

Its penult,
Its fire,
Its engulfing mire

Echo on every breath,
A scene of infinite Madness.

The Bright

You are the Lord of the Other Side
Of the ever-burning fire
Of the imprisoned inspiration
Of the bloody rebellion
Of the eternal damnation.

You will be loved
You will be adored
You will be praised
You will be bright
You will be hated
You will be hunted
You will be damned.

You will be worshipped.
You will become the Dark.

You are the Keeper of Secrets
The honesty in every lie
The lie in every good deed.

You are the Mirror of Truth
The love of every lust
The lust in every love.

You are the Master of the Winter Tide
Of the ever-burying snow
Of the infinite Prison
Of every committed crime
Of every suicide

You will be needed
You will be envied
You will be called
You will be bright
You will be accused
You will be searched
You will be reviled.

You will become lost.

You will be worshipped.
You will become the Dark.

God Rays

There is a tomorrow.

It’s dark no longer.
There are clouds,
There is wind.
No longer a storm,
Not yet the sun.

It’s cold no longer.
There is dew,
There is wind.
No longer a blizzard,
Not yet the sun.

It’s broken no longer.
There is a heart,
There is a kiss.
No longer a tornado,
Not yet the sun.

It’s lonely no longer.
There is a universe,
There is a deep call.
No longer a sadness,
Not yet the sun.

Dreams told me it will come.

The clouds have parted.
There are walls torn down,
There are scattered ruins.

No longer a few naked trees,
Not only our city,
Our country,
Our island,
My ocean,
My land,
My kingdom warm.

My heart no longer forlorn.

Above us,
Our setting moon,
Slowly, beautifully,
Ahead of us,
Our rising sun,
Dawning with golden rays,
Ready to pierce the horizon.

Wash our kingdom,
Our country, our island,
You – my ocean, my land,
My kingdom, my art,
My sun, my kind heart,
Wash my kingdom in warmth,
Drown my ocean in our heart.

There is more than a tomorrow.

Dance with me.
You and I,
We will rule


Let me guide you where it’s silent
Through the night and day
The crowds can wait till
We have no sighs left

Let me guide you where it’s silent
Only our heartbeats to play
Through the music of our souls
Life can pause and wait

Let me guide you where it’s silent
Only our hands to hold
Through the thunder and rain
Tears can pause unto smiles

Let me guide you where it’s loud
Only your voice and mine
Through our bodies and souls,

Time can freeze and wait

For us to be done.

Scream of Our Kind

In a storm of souls
Two hearts, entwined,
In separate roots,
In dancing branches,
Our embrace,
Surrounded by a maelstorm.

Demons rage in there
Angels cry out there

You and I,
In all our glory,
My demon, and your angel,
On a path of Thorns,
Walk – stop – run – back – forth,
In and out of the storm.

Demons rage in there
Angels cry out there

Let me hold your hand.
Stay. With me.
Have faith in fate.
Look, not at the storm,
Not at the tears,
Not at the blood,
Look. At me.

Demons rage in there
Angels cry out there

Let the souls rage.
Let the demons fight.
Let the storm pass,
As you envelop me
In your shining light.

You and I,
In all our glory,
Me, your creation,
Holding my face,
In ever loving hands,
On a path of Thorns,
With me,
Through us,
Into the serenity,
Surrounded by thorns,
But past the storm.

Demons beware,
Of my darkness
Tamed by you.
Angels above,
Always bless you,

It will be –
You and I,
In all our glory,

Elegy Zero

( Had a bloody knife in my hand
Saw my heart stare back
As the stabber from the mirror.
Deceived by luck-kissed fate,
Happiness wears a mask that stabs us all. )

Touch not,
Look into,
Dream a lot,
Hopes cold,
Reach out,
Forbidden, yet
Ever wanted,
It is only

With dimming stars above, I can only
Count how many suns will shine on me,
Count how many times the rain will pour on me;

The sin of my sleepless nights, tell me,
Are these the dreams that will bring you to me?
Are these the nights where I will forget?

The violence in all my silent sighs,
The caress of all my unspoken desires.
Will I ever be reborn in your arms,
In your words, in your heart, in your eyes?

All the tears of my silent screams,
They flood up to my unhinged mind,
Drowned my soul with our forbidden dreams.

Will a single moment ever freeze time,
Within the embrace of our longing,
The dreams of my restless nights, tell me,
Will a single kiss ever set us free?

Through you, for me,
Endlessly, it is nothing but
Fire at the end with me.

And my heart can only count
How many suns rose on me,
How many rains cried with me.